Can Sözbir Software Developer

I am a junior software developer who is extremely motivated to constantly develop his skills and grow professionally. I am a nice fun and friendly person. I enjoy doing free&open-source side projects and sharing them on GitHub. I do also have a background in the data science field.


I have some experience on almost every field of development. I do develop things for backend and frontend, but also I do have an article about deep learning and I do have some data science background. While I am working with Python, .Net, and JS, I am keen to be a Gopher in future.


I do have some experience with Azure and I am trying to learn more about topics like DevOps, Deployment pipelines, Serverless and Docker. I do use GNU/Linux distros for 5+ years which makes easier to learn them. I am practising those topics on my current company.


I like participating in hackathons, writing professional articles, listening to technical podcasts, sharing my knowledge, and discussing diverse topics. I am always trying to learn more from people around me. I work well in a team but also on my own as I like to set myself goals which I will achieve. I do use English regularly.